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Ohio State Opens As 6.5 Point Underdogs Against Michigan And I Can't Stop Laughing


Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you prepare all morning for how shitty your day is gonna be. Then right as you accept it’s about to be a bad day, a shining ray of light, happiness and laughter beams down and smacks you square in the mouth. Thats what happened to me this morning when I saw Ohio State was 6.5 point underdogs to Michigan. When I read this tweet I had to do a triple take to make sure that it didn’t read Ohio State was actually 6.5 point favorites.

When will people learn?! This is the easiest bet you could ever make in your entire life. Take every dollar that you have to your name, liquidate all of your assets, and put every last bit of it on Ohio State money line. It will probably be something like +230 and you will laugh your way to the bank.

Image result for ohio state v michigan 2018 scoreboard

Did Vegas forget that this happened? That Ohio State dismantled the entire state of Michigan is such vicious and brutal fashion that even Dave Portnoy himself admitted that Michigan is not a first class football program and belong with the Iowas and Wisconsins of the world swimming in a cess pool of mediocrity. Did they forget that Ohio State has won 16 of the last 18 matchups? Or that Ohio State has won the last 7 matchups? Its hard to even call it a rivalry at this point it’s so embarrassing.

I feel sorry for Michigan fans. It must be so hard to get savagely beaten on and ripped apart limb from limb by your arch rival every time we step on the same field. I personally can’t relate, but I sympathize. With that being said, here are my final words on the subject. Go Bucks.