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This Kid Who Made Tom Brady Art With 999 Rubik's Cubes is Clearly a Wizard

SourceMaxim Lin, a fourth-grader at Sheehan Elementary School in Westwood, Massachusetts has created a Tom Brady mosaic using nothing but Rubik’s Cubes.

Lin, who is a Rubik’s Cube master, started the project around Christmastime and it took him over two months to complete. He began planning last summer and used 999 Rubik’s Cubes to complete the assignment, which will be showcased at Sheehan’s STEM Festival on Wednesday, March 20.

The wooden frame, which is more than seven-feet-tall by five-feet-wide, was constructed by Maxim and his father to hold 999 cubes, 37 rows high and 27 rows across.

As an adult, I can appreciate the artistry at work here. Given the fact that I’m incapable of solving a Rubik’s Cube and couldn’t do justice to Tom Brady’s majestic visage if you gave me a color-by-numbers rendering and all the Crayolas, this is absolute Dumbledore-level wizarding magic to me.

That said, Maxim Lin is exactly the kind of kid I would’ve hated if he was in my class at Ralph Talbot Elementary. He and his dad. You’d think a guy who named his kid after a late 90’s celebrity magazine that had Jamie Lynn Sigler on the cover every other month would be chill. But nope. They’re both the worst kinds of Try Hards to compete against.

I mean, good luck trying to present your STEM project next to this. I’m trying to picture my class presentation on the solar system or my kid’s science fair project about what makes a baseball curve having to be one space over from a 25-square foot display of Tom Brady and it makes my blood boil. I mean, never mind the man hours it took, do you know what this must’ve cost? The lumber alone was more than my dad ever would’ve spent on Styrofoam balls at the craft store. (And you can be damned sure he wouldn’t have invested a minute of his free after work time helping me paint the stripes on Jupiter. I would’ve been lucky to get a Uranus dad joke.) But a Rubik’s Cube retails for $22.34. That means they spent $22,000 on this little monument to overachievement.

So congrats to Maxim Lin. I give him all respect due to a genuine Rubik’s Master. But he just made life impossible for every other kid at Sheehan. And their parents. Nobody appreciates having a STEM superstar around making them all look bad.