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Pretty Disappointed In John McAfee's Harem Of Whores

(WhoIsMcAfee)I thought I would do a brief introduction to the girls who by and large lived with me full time. Without the assistance of these girls it would have taken years to prime the socially engineered system that I put in place in Belize. ‘I encouraged all of the girls to hang out together and become friends, where possible. It was easier to keep tabs on someone’s actions if the other girls were watching, or if a shared camaraderie encouraged the sharing of secrets. All the girls told me all the other girl’s secrets. Girls came and went. Sometimes staying a month, sometimes 4 or 5 months.Others were transient. Staying a few weeks before they returned to the field. The girls were hired. I would tell my specifications: level of intelligence, education, family connections, cultural refinement, age, looks, experience etc. I would then feel the person out and, if comfortable, explain the project and hire them.

This is the first blemish on John McAfee’s otherwise perfect resume for “being a boss.” Dude had it all. The money, the drug problem, the craziness, the fleeing to Belize and being wanted for murder. He was 100% boss material. But behind every great man there’s supposed to be a great woman. Not 7 ugly chicks who look like the only thing stopping them from being on a Belizean casting couch is the inability to afford a bus pass to get there. Homely doesn’t even touch on how homely these broads are. Sam is the only girl I’d fuck.

The rest are total grossouts. Can’t be hiring gross whores to live with you when you’re John McAfee. If you’re insanely rich and a chubby blogger with a huge nose wouldn’t consider fucking 6/7 of your girls then you’re doing it wrong. You can look at each and every one of these girls and automatically tell that their pussies are fucked up.

1. hairy pussy

2. not hairy pussy but unkempt. lots of razor burn.

3. good pussy

4. inside lips way too long for the outside. looks like it’s sticking its tongue out at you.

5. exact opposite of 4. outside lips way too big. chick has an innie pussy if i’ve ever seen one.

6. actually maybe i’d bang 2 out of these 7 girls. something about her smile tells me her pussy checks out. just watch the gunt.

7. i’d be surprised if she isn’t circumcised.