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The Pelicans Just Reinvented Tanking

Adam Silver, without question, has to step in after this. He’s already been on the Pelicans’ ass for how they’ve been handling the Anthony Davis saga and this seems to be the most recent “Fuck You” from New Orleans to the League. Before this clip starts they got hit with a five second violation on an inbounds play. A thing you see like, a dozen times a season at the professional level? That was intentional as hell. And typically, I am team Always Foul™? when up three as the ‘Cans were here, but when Josh Jackson has the ball you can let him fire away as early and often as possible. The fact that shot went in was God siding with the Pelicans desires to throw this game and nothing more. Then the Pelicans themselves took matters into their own hands by going full-Chris Webber and calling a timeout despite having zero timeouts left. Just punting this game into the sun and handing it to Phoenix for no reason other than they could. Just a tour de force of tanking the likes the Knicks couldn’t even fathom. I assume the League will respond calmly, measured, and promply move the organization to Seattle effective July 1. Something light like that.