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The Mo'ne Davis Tour Continues With Her Throwing The First Pitch In LA And Signing Autographs For Yasiel Puig

Chicago? Eh, can’t win ‘em all, Vin Scully. I’d be lucky to know what planet I’m on at his age let alone call baseball games better than anyone else for the 500th straight year. The guy called Don Larsen’s perfect game for goodness sake and is still bringing the heat at every LA home game. But for how long is this Mo’ne Davis publicity train going to keep chugging? Doesn’t school start yet? And yes I’m going to call her out for throwing in front of the mound. Little League is over. I don’t care if that was a strike if she doesn’t want to learn underhand she best start to learn how to throw from 60 feet 6 inches away.

It is pretty cool superstar athletes are asking for her autograph. Her Hancock is going on Ebay for $500+. Gotta capitalize when she’s hot. Even though she could write down anything and Puig still woudln’t know what it says. Guy’s been in the states for years and speaks English as well as I write the language. And that’s assuming he can read in the first place.