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We Got A Backstage Brawl After The UFC London Main Event, Folks!!!


Word of advice to Leon Edwards, who put up a very impressive performance himself, tonight – don’t talk shit in the presence of Jorge Masvidal, a real life gangster, and not expect to get punched right in the face for it. Not only did Masvidal just come straight off dedding Darren Till with a VICIOUS left hook…

…he’s also a motherfucker who used to fight in backyards alongside the legendary Kimbo Slice before becoming one of the UFC’s most ‘game’ brawlers.

Who knows how this will be handled, or whether or not they’ll suffer consequences like fines or suspensions, but it was an absolutely electric moment backstage, and could be used verrrrrrry well in promos now if you’d like to set up Masvidal vs Edwards in a future fight night main event.