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Stefon Diggs Brother Trevon Just Heated The Diggs To Washington Rumors To Boiling Hot Temperatures

For the last week or so there has been a lot of noise surrounding a possible Stefon Diggs->Skins trade. Mostly hearsay, but the whispers haven’t subsided either. Vikings fans are saying it’s BS because of Diggs’ contract, which I think is silly because this is the NFL where agents and GMs can finagle contracts to work if they squint hard enough and move around enough money. I mean AB just got traded, I don’t think Diggs is out of the question.

But anywho, with all those whispers and rumors swirling, Trevon, his lil bro, just posted the above on IG today. Like a god damn RKO, it was out of nowhere. It obviously doesn’t mean anything, but it’s adding juice to the flames.

Having Diggs back home in a Skins jersey would be awesome. I mean it’d be typical Bruce Allen, making up for passing over him in the draft to begin with, but still, I would love to see him in the burgundy and gold. Stefon Diggs is my favorite football player of all time, and seeing him catch balls from Colt McCoy would easily be the greatest moment of my life. Add in the fact we already have future HOFer Trey Quinn and the Skins would be set at WR for years to come. I might even take a day off from hoping Bruce Allen falls into a volcano. That’s how much I’d like this to happen.