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Conor McGregor Is FIRED UP For St. Paddy's Day Weekend


Ohhh the lads are out and having a crackin time for St. Paddy’s Day weekend, aren’t they now? You love to see it. Ain’t no phone smashing bullshit bringing the Champ Champ down THIS weekend. No, no, no, no, no, no. This weekend is gonna be a PROPER one.

I love these videos because it shows the man Conor McGregor actually is…a man of the people.

Based on some bizarre tweets last night, as well, could he be on his way to becoming a middleweight man of the people?

Trust me, I love the guy and I’ll be on the frontlines for him through just about anything and everything, but sheeeeesh…I certainly hope not. Welterweight was a stretch he could barely even hit on the scales, you’re tellin me he’s gonna toss another fifteen pounds on over that?! Better get eatin this weekend, mate.

P.S. UFC London prelims start NOW on EPSN+ – I’ll have coverage here per usual.