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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: The UFC Has Signed That Lunatic Backflipping MMA Fighter

MMAFighting- Michel Pereira has gotten the UFC’s attention. The Brazilian prospect earned headlines in February after trying some flashy moves during his openweight victory at ROAD FC in South Korea. Less than a month later, “Demolidor” tells MMA Fighting he has signed with the UFC.

Pereira, 25, is coming off back-to-back knockout victories under the South Korean promotion in a span of two months, improving his mixed martial arts record to 22-9 (and two no-contests) with more than two-thirds of those victories coming by way of stoppage.

The UFC has yet to book Pereira’s Octagon debut.

Can this Friday get any better or what?!

As soon as I saw this guy last month, I said the following:

I want this guy signed by the UFC and I want him signed yesterday. Just have him fight a different fatso tomato can to open up every pay-per-view. I guarantee buys go up.

Between the nonsensical, backflipping foot-stomps and the ridiculous running, jumping kung-fu kicks, Michel Pereira became my favorite fighter I’d ever seen pretty much instantly.


I don’t know how you couldn’t love the guy. I made a plea to the UFC along with the rest of you, and it appears they’ve listened. Now, there’s one more thing I want for Pereira, though…I never want to see him face anybody with an ounce of skill. I’m serious. Fighters should be signed just to fight this dude and released immediately afterwards. I want em to be slobs with horrendous records. Maybe even people who’ve never fought before in their life. Have him fight Dana White’s instagram trolls or something. Just protect this fella and make sure he can backflip stomp the fuck out of every opponent he has and he’ll be must-watch television every time he’s on.