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Does This Look Like the Face of A Teacher Suing Her School District Because She Has A Fear Of Children And They Made Her Teach Kids...Huh?

(Boss Turtleneck)

Ohio – An Ohio school teacher is suing her school district, saying that it discriminated against her on the basis of her disability: a phobia of young children. Maria C. Waltherr-Willard, of Greenhills, Ohio, had worked as a high school French and Spanish teacher but alleges the school district reassigned her to teach junior high as a way of expediting her exit. The 61-year-old she suffers from pedophobia, a fear of young children, and she says the Mariemont school district knew of her condition and still assigned her to teach younger aged students. The woman says she has suffered from the condition since the 1990s and had been told by the school district that she would not have to teach young children, according to Cincinnati.com. As part of her suit, she included documents from her doctor, psychiatrists and psychologists that explain how she experiences stress, anxiety, chest pains, vomiting, nightmares and high blood pressure when she is in contact with young children.


I wanted to defend this lady so bad.  I really did.   Because I fucking hate kids   I don’t think they are funny, cute or awesome.   I hate how they scream on airplanes.  I hate how they cause a ruckus at restaurants.   I hate how they always have to be the center of attention.  I hate how they always are carrying around germs and shit.  I hate how they don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze.  I hate how they always piss and shit themselves.   I hate how they can’t sleep through the night like a normal person.    I fucking hate em.   In fact if it were up to me I’d pay somebody to raise my kids until they were 12 and ready for Little League Allstars.   So like I said I wanted to defend this lady because nobody should be forced to deal with them who don’t want to.   But she’s complaining about going from High School to Junior High?   Come on lady.  That’s like the same thing.   If this was elementary school you’d have a case, but by the time kids are 12 and 13 they are basically real people.