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Lady Throws Cookie Rack At Burger King Worker Because They Put Tomatoes On Her Burger

ABC 7 - The moment Porsha Tyler walked into the Burger King in Livonia, Michigan back on January 27th, police say she was adamant she deserved to get her money back all because the burger she got the day before had tomatoes on it, and she didn’t order it that way. 

“The clerk was more than kind to her to offer a refund of her food, of other food items, et cetera. Porsha wasn’t having that. She obviously didn’t get it her way that day, and she went on a tirade,” says Captain Ron Taig of Livonia Police.

Hey, lil Porsha! Crazy baby didn’t want them tomatoes!

Alright, sorry that was just too perfect of an opportunity to not give a little Nelly shout out.

Not a great look for Porsha here. If you’re going to commit to a fight with a Burger King employee you gotta go 100%. You can’t throw the cookie rack and then pretend to jump the counter 3 times. Unless she really couldn’t hop over it? But, from my view it looked like she can and was only playing the you’re lucky my boyfriend is holding me back card. That was one hell of a throw of the cookie rack though. Don’t those have heaters under them? I always thought they would be kinda heavy?

Somehow the person I feel bad for the most in this whole thing is her boyfriend though. You think you got it bad when your girlfriend is kinda bitchy to the waitress because they brought her a pinot noir instead of a pinot grigio? I’d say this fucker has it worse. If you read the article this isn’t the first time she’s done this either. She went full blown nutso in a Crickett Wireless once too so this isn’t no bad day slip up. Godspeed to this man.

I will say that this shit would NEVER happen at my guy Frank’s Burger King: