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BREAKING: Kareem Hunt Has Been Suspended For 8 Games By The NFL

Okay, and there we have it. The Browns signed Kareem Hunt knowing that he would eventually be suspended by the league office, but no one knew how many games he would have to sit. Schefter is reporting that it is going to be 8 games, which is clearly going to have some people very unhappy based on the fact that there is irrefutable video evidence of Kareem kicking a female.


It is not my place to give opinions on this story. It’s a terrible, embarrassing video, and you guys can debate the suspension length. I am just a journalist that is reporting the facts. The NFL is in a tough spot here, as the precedent for suspensions has been all over the place as of late. Ray Rice got two games for knocking a woman out cold. Tom Brady then got 4 games for probably knowing that footballs were deflated. And then Ezekiel Elliot got 6 games last year for a similar situation of abuse, but the accuser turned out to be rather untrustworthy and lacking credible evidence. Again, not my place to give opinions, but there probably isn’t an answer that the NFL could have announced today that would have made the majority of people happy. There can’t be a precedent for anything because of how poorly they handled the Ray Rice situation. Anyways, I’ll just stick to reporting the facts. Hunt is officially out for 8 games, and the fact now is that as of Week 9, the Browns offensive is going to be as explosive as they come.