Does This Look Like The Face Of A 60 Year Old Chaperone Who Got Shitfaced On 2 Bottles Of Vodka On Her Grandson's Field Trip?

Dos bottles!

Huff Po – Kathryn Wright, 58, allegedly became drunk and belligerent while chaperoning her grandson’s March 21 field trip with Lockmar Elementary School in Palm Bay, Fla., Florida Today reported. The bus was driving back from Wonder Works in Orlando when the grandmother allegedly began stumbling around and shooting curse words at other chaperones. “The kids were really upset,” fellow chaperone Shaun Hewett told Florida Today. When one adult tried to intervene, Wright allegedly yelled, “Get the f*ck out of my way or else,” according to the Miami New Times. She also allegedly pushed a woman who tried to help her up after she had fallen on the floor. The situation got so severe that someone called the cops. Paramedics were needed to take Wright, who was unable to walk or stand, to the hospital. According to an arrest report obtained by WESH, Wright later admitted that “I had two bottles of diluted vodka. I drank both and threw one in the garbage at Wonder Works.”

Absolutely nothing quite like Field Trips when you’re a kid in school. Especially the overnight ones.  Absolutely anything can happen on those trips. Most memorable one for me was like 7th or 8th grade. We went up to some campground in Greenkill, New York. Chicks were getting fingered in the back of the bus. Kids were getting bullied and hazed in the bunks. There was always one bad ass with some sort of liquor. Even if it was just Malibu in a water bottle or something. Virtually all the rules were broken. Doesn’t matter if you’re 14 years old or you’re a 58 year old chaperone. Once you hop on that yellow cheese bus and head out on a field trip its anything goes. Fucking Lord of the Flies type of shit. Good kids act bad. Bad kids act worse. Grandma gets shit faced on 2 bottles of vodka. I bet if she didn’t cause a scene and get caught she would have fucked that night. Because thats just what happens on field trips.

PS – What do you think its like for the grandson? Personally I think that gives him so much street cred. Like he’s known as the kid with the bad ass shitfaced granny. That kid has an unreal story to tell for the rest of his life. All through high school straight up to work cocktail parties.

PPS – One of my favorite field trip stories ever was when I was living outside of Philly and the big school trip was to Williamsburg. The school bully was paired up with this total tool. Kid laid down to go to sleep and the bully flipped the mattress and told the kid to go sleep in the bathtub. Kid just agreed and slept in the tub. God I miss that sort of shit. Life was so funny when some kids lives were getting ruined on a daily basis.