What Type Of Maniac Has Long Fingernails?

(This is a Dude)

So on my flight back to Boston I sat next to some bro with humongous fingernails. At first glance I thought he was a normal dude. I mean he didn’t look like a maniac, but then I saw his fingernails. I couldn’t scoot to the other side of my seat fast enough. Then I sat and waited patiently for him to fall asleep so I could snap a picture of this debacle. He’ll probably murder me if he finds out, but sometimes as a blogger you have to take big risks. My question is what type of lunatic rocks long fingernails? Like this picture doesn’t even do justice to how long they were. I just don’t get it. How far off the reservation do you have to be to think this is acceptable? Seriously I’d rather you have a Mike Tyson tattoo on your face than long fingernails. At least with the tattoo guy you know he is trying to act like he’s crazy.   On the flip side guys with long fingernails aren’t trying to prove anything.   Those are ones you got to watch out for. The silent crazy long fingernail motherfuckers.  Just minding their own business waiting to murder somebody for no reason.   In fact I defy anybody to come up with a more sure fire sign that  somebody is batshit crazy than long fingernails.