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Jalen Ramsey Roasted New Jaguars' Quarterback Nick Foles About His Ass

I mean, Jalen isnt wrong here. If Nick walked into a high school algebra class and said that Ms. Thompson isnt here today because she’s giving birth, you wouldnt be shocked at all. One reason is because of the fact that maternity practices in the United States are far below other developed countries. The fact that Ms. Thompson was required to work right up until the day that she had birth is disgusting. Additionally, Nick Foles looks exactly like a substitute teacher who just moved into the area and is willing to do anything it takes to get a spot coaching at the school next year. Varsity baseball was 12-19 so there might be some movement on that staff.

Good eye on Jalen. Little roasting of the newbie never hurt anyone.

PS. Ms Thompson is married. She just chooses to go by her maiden name in professional settings, not that it’s any of your business, nosey.