Just A Reminder You Should Always Roll Over Lotto Winnings Until You Win a Million Dollars

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NYDN - You have to spend money to make money — and a little luck doesn’t hurt.

Building material salesman Richard Maynard’s day was off to a good start when he won $60 after buying a lottery ticket at a Quality Mart Monday in Cary, N.C.

He then took $2 from those winnings, bought a pair of Colossal Cash Tickets, and won a million bucks, according to WRAL in North Carolina.


Imagine not rolling over lottery winners? There are people who win 5 bucks from scratch-offs and then just take the cash and it bottles the hell out of my mind. What’s the point of playing scratch-offs/the lottery if you’re not trying to win millions? Who in the world is satisfied with 5 bucks? I’d say unless you win over $1k, then you should immediately re-invest your winnings back into the lottery. Because when you think about it, you’re going to spend over that amount in future lottery tickets anyway, so you’re basically freerolling at that point. I don’t know if that completely makes sense, but it does in my head. It’s free money when you re-invest, that’s Warren Buffet 101.

So that’s exactly what this North Carolina man did. Took some of his winnings, bought another ticket, and binked it for a cool million. Big time bitch move only putting $2 into it, but I guess it worked. It’s such a classic lottery story though, because…well ready for this?

“I never get a new truck,” he said in a statement. “I always bought a used one. This might be the time I get a new one, though.”

Ok whatever, he’s getting a new truck. That’s fine. That’s reasonable. But wait….there’s more!

The lump-sum payout awarded Maynard was $600,000. He took home $424,500 after taxes. He turned down an option to receive 20 installments of $50,000, according to

Once Maynard is done truck shopping, he’s headed to the boat store. The Raleigh, N.C., man said he hopes to someday retire on a waterfront.

“Now maybe a nice boat will be in order,” he said.

LOLLLLLLLLLL. My dude is gonna buy a boat too? That’s great. Dude you have $400,000, you didn’t invent Facebook, maybe dial it back a bit. I suppose this is the reason they call the lottery the tax on the poor.

Good for him though. I take back making fun of him. That’s the point of winning the lottery, you get to do outlandish things. Sure he should invest the money into a mutual fund instead of sinking it into a boat, but what fun is that? Can you jet ski off the back of a mutual fund? Didn’t think so. Buy the boat, my man! It’ll be the best 2 years of your life.