Today Is A Big Step For The Celtics To Show Us They Really Aren't A Bunch Of Frauds

Maybe it’s just me but it feels like it’s been years since we’ve seen this team play. In reality it’s only been a few days but I can’t lie, I am itching with anticipation to see what this group looks like now that their West Coast trip is over and their play as of late has me thinking maybe, just maybe things are finally starting to turn around. I’ll be the first to admit, I am a big time apologist for this team. I know their history this season tells us that they are frauds and no matter how good they look at any given moment they are not to be trusted, but I can’t help it. The heart wants what the heart wants. I know this team is inconsistent, I know if there’s the one thing they have proven it’s the fact that they always zig when you think they’ll zag, but I’m allowing myself to believe one more time even if they ultimately take a big fat shit on my loyalty…..again.

All year we’ve heard how they “have time” to figure shit out. Well that’s not the case anymore. Not when it’s already mid March, there are 14 games left and this team still has some serious climbing to do. They trail both PHI/IND by 2 games (and currently have the tie breaker over both), but they are both showing no signs of slowing down so this team can no longer just assume that these teams will slide. I feel like I’ve seen that mentality among fellow stoolies, that there’s no way IND holds on and all that shit given their tough schedule. Personally I would love to not have to worry about getting help and see this team actually play well and take care of business themselves. As of today the Pacers have the 5th toughest schedule, the Celts the 14th, and the Sixers the 21st. The opportunity is there for them if they get their heads out of their asses and play up to their potential, which brings me to tonight.


Coming off that 140 point embarrassment to end the trip, the one thing I’ve been losing sleep over recently is wondering how that would translate to this current homestand. Would the Celts be able to shake it off as a normal end of the trip loss on a night when the Clippers couldn’t miss? Or would those bad habits stick with them whether it’s their bad transition defense, lack of rebounding, you name it. Here’s what I do know, the Kings are going to be motivated as hell given what happened in their last meeting, and they’re getting Marvin Bagley III back who did not play last time and has been a real force as of late. This by no means is going to be a cake walk and I don’t want to say we’re in “must win” territory with this team but we’re about as close as you can get in my opinion.

This is where I’m looking at guys like Kyrie and Al to be the leaders we need them to be and make sure this team is ready and plays well. How will this team respond to their first cold spell that you know is coming when the crowd starts to get a little restless? Will they fold like a house of cards or will they punch back, just like what we saw on the West Coast for the most part. I fully understand why if you’re a fan of this team you may be skeptical of this “turn around”. We have nothing to tell us we can expect them to continue their upswing, so all I can tell you is go off blind faith. That’s the homer in my talking but it’s all I can go off of at this point because this team has tormented us for the past 5 months. All I ask if for more of this


and less of the team that is gutless and plays with no energy or effort. They put themselves in this position by essentially pissing away the entire season, and they’ve talked a big game about how things were solved on that plane ride and they know what they have to do and all this shit.

You want to convince me? Go 3-0 on this homestand and reassure me that you are in fact not a bunch of frauds. It’s about time.