The XFL Wants To Pay Fans To Play Offensive Coordinator – “Your Call Football” is an interactive football competition where online spectators call the plays via a smartphone app.  Now in their second season, games are held on Monday evenings and played by relatively high quality players who are largely recent cuts from NFL and CFL rosters.

I know the XFL is historically into some weird shit.

And I know the XFL wants to keep it that way 2nd go around. We’ve got 1-yard buffers at the line of scrimmage, no fair catches, no extra points, extra refs and I’ve even heard rumors about including a double forward pass. DOUBLE.

But nothing comes close to letting all 3000 attendees at the Orlando Rage game call plays or much less extending that opportunity to guys like me on the couch

Large gives a great look at the peaks and valleys that come with all the pressure of being a Professional Offensive Coordinator. Personally I’m excited to start my coaching career. They always say those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t teach coach or something like that. I’m kind of inbetween. I was born to lead and score touchdowns I’ve just never done it.  Follow me on instagram for hourly updates on my progress I swear you’ll love it.

PS – My only rule proposal is that Ready2Go Joe is someone’s starting Right Tackle