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Win and We're In*

Let me start this blog by giving a big F YOU to Gonzaga.


The Zags, who were 30-2 and the #1 ranked team in the country, lost in the WCC Tournament championship on Tuesday night to St. Marys. Gonzaga had previously beaten St. Marys in a 94-46 nail-biter earlier this year, but when it came time to knock a team out of NCAA tournament contention, they choked. The Gaels are now IN, and another bubble has burst.

The fact that Saint Marys is for sure in the tournament has obviously decreased the chances of many teams sitting on the bubble, and it has left the college basketball world in a very interesting position this afternoon. In today’s 12:30 match-up between The Ohio State University and indiana in the Big Ten Tournament, it appears we have a “Win and You’re In” game on our hands. Joe Lunardi currently has the Buckeyes as his very last team in the tournament, and he has Indiana as the very first team out of the tournament.


Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 7.49.15 AM

Now I’m not going to sit here and act like this is a 100% done deal. I’m completely aware that NCAA Selection Committees really enjoy completely screwing very deserving Buckeye teams in other sports year after year. That’s why I put an asterisk in the headline, but it does really look like the victor here is going to pick up a win to solidify themselves as a tournament team. And seeing as we’re Ohio State and they’re Indiana…..well, that means we’re going dancing!

Joking, joking. I can’t be overconfident about this Buckeyes basketball team. But I actually do like our chances today. We already beat these chumps at their place, and Bad Boy Kaleb Wesson returns for the Buckeyes after missing the last 3 games due to suspension. He knows that me and Buckeye Nation are not happy with the bullshit he has put us through, so I expect 20 and 20. But do you know what would make this a whole lot easier? If we didn’t go 0-3 and put ourselves on the absolute brink of the bubble. In fact, this whole thing would be a whole lot easier if the Buckeyes hadn’t turned their 12-1 start with wins over Cincinnati, Creighton, and UCLA into an 18-13 season. How are we even on the bubble when we’ve won 6 of our last 18? Weak bubble, I guess. That’s just the way the cookie is crumbling this year. But if you’re telling me it’s all coming down to a one game playoff between us and Indiana? Give me the Buckeyes…