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Wake Up With Barry Bonds Hitting Home Run #756 To Break Hank Aaron's Record
Haven't done a Barry Lamar throwback in a while and what better way to welcome him back than the home run that put him above the most prestigious sports list in history. Home run #756 to pass Hank Aaron for #1 all time, and oh boy was it tanked. Just look how packed the stands were that night too. Everyone looks like they're packed in a subway car, and when that ball landed, just absolute madness in right center. This was one of my favorite times in baseball because every time he came up they'd break away from whatever was on ESPN to show his at-bat. I specifically remember being at a party when Bonds hit this home run and we went WILD in the persons house.
Bonds with the A+ celebration too, literally hands up in the box right after he hit it, probably was so happy it was over with, no more chase coverage. His son being the first person to greet him at home was awesome too, so neat for both of them. Put this dude in Cooperstown.