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I Can't Help But Feel For Jason Terry As He Talks Through The LeBron Dunk








Poor Jason Terry. Even after all these years he’s still plagued by that famous dunk. I remember being there on that random March game back in 2013 and I couldn’t believe what I saw when it happened live. I think immediately I prayed that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, immediately opened Twitter and my worst nightmare was confirmed. The only other comparison I could really make was Brandon Knight’s murder by DeAndre Jordan, but the fact that this was my guy and the dunker just happened to be our sworn enemy made it a billion times worse. It’s not as if Jason Terry was having all that impressive season as a Celtic anyway, I’m still haunted by the fact that he seemed to miss every big three he ever took but that’s a different discussion for a different day.

To hear Terry talk about that moment certainly triggered me a little bit but it was awesome to hear him go through it. He knew how bad of a decision he made and I’m happy to see he’s reached the point where he can joke about it now. I also don’t doubt he really tossed that kid from his camp too which I love. There’s honestly not much he can say other than to just accept it and have fun with the fact that LeBron put him 6 feet under, we all saw it developing from a mile away and just hoped for the best. Deep down it has to bother Terry that he’s one of the best three point shooters in league history, an NBA champion, and yet the only thing people probably want to talk about is that dunk. It would only be right if I also stood up for Terry and reminded everyone that there was a time he got LeBron in his own way during the 2011 Finals

But to this day that poster is still one of the most savage plays I’ve ever seen in person and I don’t think it’s close. I’m happy we can laugh about it now because it really is funny, but at the time there was not one person in the Garden who laughed. We thought we saw a legit murder.