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"How Many Pushups Can You Do?" Is Taking Tinder By Storm


So last week Pres did his blog on Tinder and made fun of me for my opening line.

Apparently Feitleberg lives on the thing and said the entire key to getting laid is your opening line when you get accepted by a chick. His go to line is asking “How many pushups can you do?”  Lame bro.  Can you try any harder to be the eccentric, funny guy?

Well I get about 15 tweets a second from people telling me it’s can’t miss. And I’m going to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I use it. Was just drunk one time and texted it and the girl thought it was funny. So now it’s my opening line on Tinder. No rhyme or reason to it but it works. Chicks laugh. Well now it’s kind of turned into the Stoolie bat signal. If the girl comes back saying you must read Barstool then you both know you have something in common. She knows you’re cool and have a good sense of humor and you know the same about her. Oh and you both know each other is looking to fuck. Boom. That tinder sparks a flame and it’s on.

But I’ve been getting a lot of people telling me it’s a pain in the ass that all the girls know it. So if you’re not into having a code phrase to find out who is in our super cool secret club go with “two truths and a lie. go.” Get to know a little about them and if the lie is sexual you’re in. If they ask you the same question in return, always make the lie sexual.