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Kate Middleton Has To Be Livid About Her Royal Portrait


Nothing worse than a bad picture. Trust me. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t look at a picture and say “let’s do one more” about 50 times. I’ve finally accepted that that’s just what I look like. It’s not a bad picture, I’m just an ugly person. But Kate Middleton? She’s a 10. She’s so hot that a goddamn prince married her. So hot that she’s one of the few girls in the world who actually make their childhood dreams come true. Prince Charming literally came in on his white horse and wifed her up. And this is what this artist thought was a proper rendition of her? She looks like she’s a hundred years old. Like she’s a ghost with a lazy eye and a slight double chin. Would I still fuck her? Sure. But that painting is a far cry from this broad.