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Verizon Is Bringing 5G Technology To Chicago On April 11th So Prepare To Have Your DNA Altered And Mind Controlled


(New York Business Journal)–Verizon’s fifth generation (5G) network is officially launching, but not in New York where the telecommunications giant is based.

After months of planning, the carrier (NYSE: VZ) has announced that its 5G network will launch on April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis.

The launch will provide a framework for accelerating 5G’s future deployment, which relies on millimeter-wave spectrum and radio signals, rather than copper or fiber cables.

The 5G technology is touted for its blend of technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, advanced robotics, 3D printing, wearable tech and peak data rates of 10 gigabits per second.

I am not a big technology guy. I am currently typing this blog on a PC made in 2014 even though I have a brand new MacBook pro air or whatever courtesy of Barstool Sports and I still use an iPhone 5s by choice. The only reason why 5G made my ears perk up…Alex Jones of course.

Alex Jones went on Joe Rogan last week and had one of the most incoherent psycho babble rants I’ve come across


That right there was Alex Jones bingo. Globalists, secret billionaire functions, robots, mind control, world government, mass mental illness, controlled societal collapse, alien super beings…all in under 60 seconds. It was really incredible. I am fascinated by crazy people and I love a good conspiracy theory and Alex Jones touches him all. He’s a loathesome offensive brut, yet I can’t look away. This podcast episode for almost 5 hours long and really gave a window into exactly how insane Alex Jones really is. He’s a heretic, but he moves the needle. 11 million youtube views in a week on that podcast. That’s absurd. No wonder the globalist robot gay frog programmers want to shut him down. How can they use 5G to control a population and coordinate with Alex Jones if 11 million people are now woke to their scheme? They won’t get me. I’ll be over here on my 4G iphone 5s. Thank you very much.