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Please Do Not Show Le'Veon Bell This List Of NBA Role Players On Identical Contracts

If this is true than I’m a monkey’s uncle. And it’s true so take that for what it is. I’m sure there’s some left leaning labor efficiency argument that can help me thoroughly understand the market dynamics of NBA supply/demand compared to the NFL. If so you should explain it to everyone in the comment section. For me right here right now though I think it’s absolutely un fucking believable LeVeon Bell is making as much as Miles Plumlee.

Miles Plumlee went to Duke. LeVeon Bell did 5 semesters at a below average Big Ten school. Robin Lopez went to Stanford. Patty Mills is named after a delicious sandwich. Don’t make me go through the whole list. Point is you want to get paid then hit the books.

PS – Most jaw dropping thing is Marvin Williams still collecting a massive NBA paycheck. Hard to get drafted 2nd overall and do nothing for 15 years in the NBA while still making over $100m in contracts. But then again that’s why you go to a powerhouse like UNC.