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Steve Cuozzo Of The New York Post Is A Certified Moron, Calls Au Cheval "Flavorless"

I am not one to get into food debates. People like what they like. I mostly follow the Eddie school of thought instead of the WSD version of picking fights with everyone and everything. Having said that there are still some objective truths. Objective truth No.1) Au Cheval is good. Objective truth No.2) Steve Cuzzo is an idiot. I am not saying Au Cheval is the best burger there ever was. I’m not saying I want to pile up a large bar tab at Haymarket as I wait three hours for a table at Au Cheval. I don’t. If you say it’s not worth the extended wait, I won’t argue with you. What you can’t say is that it is a “flavorless disappointment”. If you think that an Au Cheval burger is flavorless then you need to get your tastebuds checked, sir.

Look at this masterpiece and tell me its flavorless

And when our loyal stoolie replied to him, Cuzzo had the audacity to get snarky

Steve Cuozzo fresh

Cuzzo getting fresh as the ingredients in an Au Cheval burger. Hey asshole…you know what bacon tastes like, you know what pepper tastes like, onion pickle, fresh egg, cheese, etc. You’ve heard the phrase “that looks delicious”. That’s because humans have evolved to have eyesight which allows us to see what foods look good.

Which is really my point of this entire blog. Snarky New York douchebags. People from New York think that the entire world drops off west of the Hudson River. “A burger popular in Chicago? I must spit that flavorless garbage from my mouth”. If you gave Cuzzo a blind taste test and told him that burger was from some place in the meatpacking district I am sure he would’ve written a glowing review.

Truth is there are a lot of things New York could learn from Chicago. Like…waste management

NYC garbage

On certain days in the summer Chicago smells like chocolate downtown. On New York’s best days in the summer it doesn’t smell like piss and vomit. And Cuzzo stinks worse than all of that. We should stop exporting our great food to NYC. They don’t appreciate anything anyways.