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What You Are Seeing On Display Here Is The World's Biggest Set Of Balls

Bad case scenario? You miss the ball on the way back and it ends up hitting somebody else in the gym.

Worse case scenario? You go a little wide to the left and put a ball right through Max Kellerman’s face on the TV right there. That’ll set you back a couple hundred bucks.

WORST case scenario? You go a little wide to the right and shatter the shit out of that glass window.

There were so many ways for this to go wrong even before adding the treadmill to the mix. But do you think this goalie gives a single shit about any of them? Of course not. Why? Well for starters, he’s a certified weapon. And secondly, because goalies are just build different. They’re a bunch of freaks. Every last one of them. Even the most normal goalie in the world is the most bizarre human on their team. Pulling a stunt like this requires the brain of a psychopath and the balls of an elephant.