Skins Bringing Back Adrian Peterson For 2 More Years

After almost being out of the league last season, Adrian Peterson proved allllll the haters wrong by delivering a very strong season for the Skins. He started all 16 games for the Skins, had over 1,000 yards, and averaged a healthy 4.2 yards per carry. We also got that awesome 90 yard TD

And now he will be coming back to be apart of a 3 headed RB monster in DC with Guice and CT25.

I like this deal for both sides. ADAP definitely proved he still has legs and can still play in this league, no doubt about that. I also like it because there is plenty Derrius Guice can learn from him. And that’s what I’m looking forward to- Guice getting the majority of the carries and Peterson getting 5-10 a game while Thompson does his 3rd down thing. What I don’t want is Peterson stealing carries away from Guice…Guice should be given every opportunity to carry the bulk of the load, if his ACL is healthy.

Just like last year’s deal, this seems very low risk, high reward. There is some thought that maybe we should try and bring in someone younger to fill this role, but Peterson is a proven vet who knows the system and proved himself to still be a good back last season.

Now hopefully we can sign a WR. I mean I know Trey Quinn is the best WR in the league, but he won’t be able to catch every ball from future HOFer Colt McCoy.