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Iranian Couple Arrested After a Marriage Proposal in a Shopping Mall And I Honestly Don't Hate The Punishment

The Guardian

A young Iranian couple have been arrested after a marriage proposal in public that was captured on a video clip that went viral on social media. The police say the pair offended Islamic mores on public decency but were later released on bail.

The video, which spread on social media on Friday, shows the young man standing in a heart-shaped ring of flower petals next to colourful balloons in a shopping mall in the central Iranian city of Arak.

Hand up here, I thought all the marriages in Iran were arranged. I used to date a Persian girl in college and I don’t think her parents would have ever allowed us to get married because well…I’m not even remotely close to Persian and my family didn’t grow up with oil money. Anyways, it looks like you can’t be proposing to people in shopping malls either. They call it shameful and a promotion of immorality. I frankly don’t disagree with any of that.


The semi-official and hardline Fars news agency called the public proposal “shameful” and claimed it could promote “immorality”. The agency demanded “harsh” punishment to stop such displays from being repeated by others.

I’m not really a religion guy, but I don’t entirely hate this call by the Persians. If you propose to your girlfriend in a shopping mall you deserve a night in jail to think things through. To take this further, if you propose at a sporting event you absolutely should be arrested. The second hand embarrassment I get when the message pops up on the jumbo tron is enough to make me look away. Tommy and I were down at Yankees spring training this past weekend and witnessed a proposal on the field at the game. SPRING TRAINING!?!? I mean what are we doing here? How could you possibly say yes to that if you’re the woman? I would say the average marriage life expectancy of a spring training proposal is three months. I could see the couple not even making it to the wedding day without calling it off. Tommy and I were pumped to answer some trivia on the scoreboard, but instead this proposal happened. Disgusting.