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KFC Radio Episode 24 Part II: Still Featuring El Pres. Still Looks Like He's In A Dark Basement Somewhere.

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So here’s part two of KFC Radio from this week. Another 30 minutes with Pageviews. Two questions stood out for me on this one:

1. Would you trade Brady for Luck/Adrian Peterson: absolutely not. Wouldn’t even think about it. It actually surprised me that the two non-Boston guys would. Trade a proven Hall of Famer with 5 years left for the third best rookie QB in the league and a running back with 6 years experience in a league where running backs’ production drops off a cliff. No thanks. I’ll stick with the proven MVP who will keep my team a contender for the next half decade.

2. Who would you have commentate your sex life?: Thought this one was so obvious that I planned on someone saying the answer before me. Answer is obviously Gruden. He’d compliment every single move you had. Say you were the best to ever play the game even if you came in 2 seconds. After sex you’d feel better about all the nice things he said about you than you did about the actual orgasm. But after him I’m going with Jack Edwards. Just an absolute maniac screaming the whole time. He’d climax with the chick and probably sing the Star Spangled Banner and give an ode to the Revolutionary War and how great America is after you came. Only thing that scares me is I mess up and he throws out that maniacal laugh.

And yes if I’m being realistic Joe Buck should commentate my sex life: slow, monotone and boring as fuck.

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