Man Arrested For Making 17,000 Lewd Calls To Chicks

(ABC) - A Pennsylvania man is accused of making more than 17,000 phone calls in which he would allegedly ask for women by name and then make harassing and lewd comments, according to police. Robert Glass, 51, of Meyerstown, Pa., was arrested and charged with 30 counts each of stalking and harassment by communication on Tuesday. The investigation began in August 2012 when police from multiple jurisdictions started receiving reports of a man making harassing and lewd phone calls in the Susquehanna Valley, according to the North Londonderry Township Police Department. There was a pattern to the phone calls. “He would call these people repeatedly over 10 to 15 minutes, use their first name and really freak themout,” North Londonderry Township Police Chief Kevin Snyder told Glass would then allegedly make “lewd sexual comments,” police said, and call back repeatedly. Several of the women reported receiving calls from the man over several days.

I hate that I always understand where the crazy guy is coming from, but I do. You ever been on the phone with your girlfriend and you say something she doesn’t like and she hangs up on you? It enrages you so you obviously call back immediately. And what does she do? Ignores the call. Which pisses you off more so you call back again. Ignored. Call again and she answers immediately and hangs up right away. It’s a vicious cycle. And these girls might not have been paramours of Robert Glass but I’ll bet you he thought they were. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve had a few AT&T bills that included 17,000 phone calls over fights because I tweeted at some chick. It can happen to anybody really.

But, Robert. If I can give you a piece of advice. Making lewd sexual comments to chicks is like buying a house: it’s all about location. If you do it over the phone so many times that their phone bill balloons to the size of their mortgage, it’s probably not going to work out too good. If you make lewd sexual comments to a girl at a dance club she’ll probably slap you for not being dirty enough. Try that move when you get out of jail. Chicks love a bad boy.