Lipscomb's Attempting To Make The NCAA Tournament By Tweeting & Insulting Other Bubble Teams


What a move this is. It’s led to people just screaming in people’s mentions but I’ll say this. People are talking about Lipscomb again and that’s the important thing if you’re a fan of mid majors.

We’ve seen schools get creative on social media with everyone falling in love with the UMBC twitter account last year. But, this is the first time I can remember a school making a legit case for the NCAA Tournament by using Twitter.

I’ll say this. I think Lipscomb is making a case for sure and will be an intriguing one. But, this year perhaps more than any other I’ve seen the split in ‘we need more/less mid-majors.’ Personally, I think Belmont deserves to be in right now – remember Belmont swept Lipscomb.

I also think you need to go more case by case basis for mid-majors. You can’t just say Lipscomb deserves to be in. Right now, sure, they deserve to be in over TCU and Clemson, but I’d take Indiana right now.

But, credit to Lipscomb. They found a new way to remind people how good its season was. They are bringing it up all week with their conference tournament ending a week before Selection Sunday. I hope they keep this shtick up.