The Persecution Of College Kids Is Alive And Well At Delaware With Their Unruly Social Gathering Law


Delaware – The Newark City Council unanimously passed a law Monday that could dramatically affect the way University of Delaware students party off campus. It’s a rule that students who live in off-campus housing fear could be used to shut down the parties that are so famous the university was named the country’s No. 1 party school last year by the Princeton Review. Alan Carlsen, president of the UD Interfraternity Council, said during Monday night’s meeting that a law punishing “unruly” behavior in Newark would hand troubling discretionary power to police. Dubbed “the unruly social gathering” law, the legislation allows police to give the hosts or organizers of a party with as few as four people a citation that would require a fine and community service. “The whole point of the law is to give people their quality of life back in the community by trying to deter the parties from even happening,” said Sgt. Greg D’Elia, the ordinance’s sponsor, before the meeting. “The community brought this to our attention.” “I happen to live in a 12-person house,” said Zachary Conner, 20, a junior accounting major before the meeting. “So if I am sitting outside with my roommates, the cops would technically be able to come up and cause an issue.” The unruly social gathering law creates a civil violation that will not go on a person’s record or require a court appearance. An unruly social gathering is defined as any assemblage of four or more people on a private property where police observe at least three behaviors that threaten “health, safety, and good and quiet order.” First-time offenders are required to pay $500 and complete 20 hours of community service. The penalties increase with each offense: $1,000 and 32 hours for a second offense, $1,500 and 48 hours for a third offense and $2,000 and 60 hours for each subsequent offense.

Listen I’ve never sympathized with people who live near major colleges and then suddenly get mad that the neighborhood they willingly moved into has college kids in it. I mean according to my research the University of Delaware has been located in Newark since 1743. Hey guess what? That’s a long ass time.  We’re not talking about a rowdy neighbor who moved into your quiet little town. You moved into their town. Like if I wanted a peaceful community I’m not moving to Amherst or Newark DE or Bloomington Indiana or any other major college campus .

Not to mention the fact that the entire community and economy is based on the school. So I’m not sure it’s then fair to complain that the very students who power the economy are acting too much like college students. If you don’t like it don’t live there. The US is a pretty big fucking place. I’m sure you can find plenty of cities that don’t have major institutions known for partying. Not to mention the fact the price of real estate I’m sure is factored into the environment.

Regardless none of that is really even here nor there. My bigger question is how can the city of Newark and the Newark police just create a fake law like this? I mean they just made this shit up. How can it suddenly be legal for them to break up any event that has 4 or more people for any reason they want and fine everybody 500 bucks? Can they club people to death too? I feel like Stalin wouldn’t even try to create a law like that. Seems outrageous and actually scary. If you don’t want to live in a college town than move. You shouldn’t be allowed to make up imaginary borderline unconstitutional laws and get away with it.  Today we are all Blue Hens.