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Tennis Stud Denis Shapovalov Dropped Some Bars After His Win Yesterday And Might Have Set Rap Back Decades

Listen, Denis Shapovalov is my guy. I bet him almost every time he plays and yesterday he came through at +145 against Maric Cilic. It was a nice rebound from having the under in the Notre Dame game earlier. The thing is, Denis has this hobby of rapping, which he thinks he’s awesome at. Today after the match was his first live performance and well…he couldn’t remember the words. Tough. I mean that’s tough. I wanted to love it, but it might have set rap back years, maybe decades. Granted it was his first live performance and he was put on the spot. Maybe it was just bad luck. We can bounce back Denis I have faith.

The good news for Denis is that he’s only 19 and is really, really good at tennis and doesn’t have to fall back on rap for a career.

Just keep it a hobby. A very private hobby.

Denis if somehow you’re reading this, can we please be friends?