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Weezy Wednesdays: Gonorrhea (I Am Not A Human Being)

We’re back with another installment of Weezy Wednesdays and we’ve got a real diamond in the rough this week folks. I Am Not A Human Being is a low-key BANGER album. Heat on heat on heat all up and down the track list. This is the opening song of the album and Weezy came in HOT with the bars.

I remember being a junior in high school when this album came out and I was really getting into the weed selling game. I was flipping grams, eighths and quarters all over town. At the time this album dropped I had distinctly fire weed called “Headband”. Pretty dope name for a weed strain. It looked good, smelled good and smoked good. A true triple threat in the bud game. Then Weezy said “Smokin’ on that headband, call that shit that Paul Pierce” and took the headband stock public. I was ELATED. There’s nothing cooler than having rapper energy. When I heard Weezy spit that bar I jumped out of my seat. Lil Wayne and myself smoking on the same strain of weed. I mean I’m not sure exactly how the equation works but I think that basically makes me Lil Wayne.

Anytime Weezy and Drake get together it’s a hit waiting to happen. You probably haven’t listened to this song or album in while so give it a listen and enjoy your Wednesday. God bless. *lighter flick*