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NHL Decides Not To Fine Morgan Rielly For Allegedly Dropping A Hard F-Bomb In A Ref's Face

I am so. fucking. sick. of these types of stories. I can’t get away from them. Player calls someone a faggot, everyone pretends to be outraged, player either apologies or denies it. Here’s the original audio of the play:




It’s tough to tell whether or not he said it, so I think the NHL made the right choice. Here’s what the NHL’s Colin Campbell, senior executive vice-president of hockey operations had to say.

“All of those interviewed adamantly denied that Rielly uttered a slur and the audio supported their statements. The NHL does not tolerate language or gestures that disparage anyone based upon their race, creed, or sexual orientation, and continues to work to ensure that our games are played in a welcoming atmosphere for all of our players, coaches, officials, and fans.”

And here’s what Rielly and Leafs GM Kyle Dubas had to say after being cleared of all “charges.”

Good. I believe them. Let’s be done with it. Let’s not blow it up into something it’s not. Besides, apparently the phrase, “rag it” is something hockey players actually use according to this random guy on the internet.

Worst case scenario everyone got it wrong and he called the guy a faggot. What goes around comes around. If that’s what happened it’s only a matter of time until he does it again and gets caught. Until then, enjoy your cleared name, Rielly.