KFC Radio Episode 24 (Part 1) With El Pres

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The people wanted it, they got it. El Pres takes his turn on KFC Radio to discuss such hard hitting topics as grinding on a chick with a boner, who would play who in the Barstool movie, would you fuck your stalker, chicks farting, and how ugly a celeb you’re willing to date.

My biggest issue with this episode is the first question: grinding on chicks with boners. I wanted to express this before Pres went full “kill the gay!” on me, but that is for middle schoolers. I’m an adult. Getting a rock hard boner via fully clothed dancing is like when all you needed was a Victoria’s Secret magazine to get off as a kid. Need a little more stimulation than that now, fellas. Some chick grinding her rough jeans into my button fly is like a BDSM scene, it hurts just enough for it to still feel good. But it’s not enough to give me a full-on, 100%, sex boner. Fuck no. It will get me to the point where I think “fuck yea I might have a bit of a bulge for the first time in my life” so I get as close as humanly possible to the chick but am I ever worried about almost coming on the dance floor? Absolutely not. And if you are worried about it then you’re either 13 or a nerd.

Name me one movie where they’re at a party and it’s the cool guy who has to run off the dance floor covering his dick because he drew wood? Can’t be done.

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