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A Ref And A High School Soccer Player Came .00000001 Seconds From Getting Flattened By A Falling Light Pole

See! See! More Final Destination shit! I literally just got done blogging about a dude almost getting flattened by falling bricks and now we’ve got a light pole falling during a high school soccer game and almost flattening a ref and a soccer player. This time the falling object clipped a couple people and sent them to the hospital. Broke the ref’s leg! I’m telling you, the scariest thing all of us do is leave our homes every day. Simply stepping out into the world is the riskiest thing ever. Bricks and light poles are falling all over the place and we have no control over any of it.

For real though, go back and watch the soccer player after he narrowly avoids getting killed by a falling light pole. He is JACKED UP. He sees the pole at the last second, falls backwards and saves his own life. Fucking crazy. I can’t even imagine what a near-death experience adrenaline rush feels like. Dude could probably run a 100 meter dash in two seconds.


Stay safe out there (although not much you can though because you don’t have any control over it but stay safe out there)