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Brooklyn Man Kills His Roommate's Fish Because She Wanted To Move Out

NY PostA Brooklyn man furious that his longtime roommate wanted to move out turned his rage on her pet fish — flushing one down the toilet and letting the other suffocate, law-enforcement sources told The Post. José Santiago murdered his roommate’s scaly pals — Bonnie and Clyde — when he saw her packing her bags in their Flatbush apartment on Wednesday, she said. “They were my babies! I can’t have children, so my pets are like my kids,” Brenda Alvarez said yesterday. “They were beautiful fish and cost about $25 each. “I did everything for him, and the only thing I ever asked him to do was the laundry,” she said. “So, why did he do this to me?”  Alvarez, 45, said she wanted to move out of the Nostrand Avenue apartment because of growing tension between the longtime friends, who grew up a block apart in Bay Ridge. “I was gonna leave . . . so, I started packing, but he kept antagonizing me,” Alvarez recalled. “Then he went crazy!” Santiago allegedly roughed up Alvarez before turning on the fish. He killed them in front of her, she said. He flushed one down the toilet, then put another in a bag and tied it, she said.  Alvarez is now haunted by the empty aquarium. “I can tell seeing the fish tank like that really hurts her,” said witness Jacqueline Cepeda, 38.

Splitting up with roommates is always an awkward situation. Everyone goes through it at least once in college. Maybe a couple times post college. You’re basically breaking up with someone. You’re basically telling them “I think my life would be happier and overall better if I no longer had you involved in it.” Thats as fucking rough as it gets, you know? Like Brenda here wondering why Jose murder her fish is ridiculous. All I ever asked him to do was the laundry, so why did he do this to me? Uh because you basically just shit all over him and told him you would prefer to leave him out of your life forever. I’m not saying Bonnie and Clyde deserved the be drowned and suffocated but I’m just saying when you’re breaking it off with a roommate prepare for the worst. Because chances are if you’re “roommates” with a guy, you’re not banging him, and you’re making him do laundry, you better believe he’s got enough pent up anger and frustration to murder a couple goldfish. You’re lucky he didn’t murder you.

PS – Gimme a fucking break with this “haunted by the empty aquarium.” Bitch go get 2 more fish. I think I went through like 30 goldfish when I was a kid. I used to go to like the school fair and play carnival games and I’d come home with like 7 bags filled with goldfish. Used to piss my mom off so fucking bad. Who’s genius idea was it to be like “You know instead of giving out stuff animals as prizes, lets give out living fish!”?