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Barstool Blackout Tour Returning To Marist - Tickets On Sale Wednesday At NOON

Marist is like the Blackout Tour equivalent of Florida Gulf Coast University. Last year when the tour really took off we were expecting big schools like Rutgers and the party spots in Florida to take the crown as craziest spots on tour. Then outta nowhere the Marist Red Foxes bring the fucking HEAT with their show. It was like watching FGCU doing Dunk City on everyone’s heads. They may not be well known but goddam they can bring the noise.

Don’t believe me? Check the youtube comments from the video of that night:

“I did security there that night. And I found out, White women only love us Black men when they’re drunk. There was hoes everywhere, though. Easy pussy for everyone. I hope the fathers are proud”

Tons of drunk white girls looking to party. Thats what makes the Blackout Tour keep on spinning

Marist Blackout Tour – 4/20TICKETS ON SALE HERE 12pm 3/27 WEDNESDAY