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Should We Be Worried About Joel Embiid Becoming A Puppy Dad This Close To The Playoffs? Or Do We Trust The Pawcess?



Okay so before we even get started here, let’s point out the clearly obvious–Klaus Hinkie is cute as shit. And not just in the way that people on the internet feel the need to say that every dog is a “10/10 doggo”. There are definitely some dogs out there who are way cuter than other dogs, and Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid is cuter than most of them. So I love Klaus and I love Joel Embiid. So I should love the news that JoJo has become a Puppy Dad to this magnificent creature, right?


Here’s the thing–the first few weeks/months as a puppy parent are brutal. I know that people who actually have kids hate when dog parents equate having a dog to having a child, but they can shut the fuck up because it’s the same thing. You lose sleep. You’re cleaning up piss and shit all the time. You love the heck out of that dog but it pretty much runs your life for those first few weeks/months. And to make matters even worse for JoJo considering how cute Klaus is, you never want to leave that dog’s side. Joel is going to HATE going to practice every day and leaving Klaus at home. He’s going to HATE going to games instead of just staying home all night with Klaus Hinkie.


“Hey, Joel. You wanna stay after practice to get a few more reps in? Make sure you’re ready for the playoffs?” 

Nah. Can’t. I’ve got a dog to get home to. He’s been alone for an hour and a half. If I don’t get back now then I’ll come home to a pile of shit on the floor. Plus I miss that little bastard.

So yes, I am very happy for Joel Embiid that he now has Klaus in his life. But I’m just a little worried about him becoming a puppy parent in March. It’s all fun and games until JoJo only plays 20 minutes because he’s too tired from having to get up at 1:30am, 3:25am and then 5:45am because he had to take Klaus outside to piss. Great pup, just questionable timing. Would definitely love to pet at the Championship Parade though.