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Does This Man Look Worried About Losing Free Agents?

Brian Flores leaves. Chad O’Shea leaves. The boss is facing criminal charges over a Rub & a Tug & a Hug. That guy who was their team chaplain/Morality Coordinator leaves. Trent Brown leaves. Trey Flowers leaves. Matt Patricia is trying to create the Patriots Midwest Office. The Jets sign Anthony Barr and CJ Mosley. And Free Agency hasn’t officially begun yet.

But does this guy look at all concerned to you?

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This is how hierarchies in nature work. From the lowliest mollusk to the most influential human being on the planet. The males who project the most power, who demonstrate they can provide the most, get the most desirable females. The leader of the herd who exudes confidence he’ll find food sources and water and protection from predators are the most attractive. It’s where we get the term “pecking order,” by which chickens get to eat first. It’s why the pack will follow the Alpha wolf. It’s why one out of every eight people in Asia are direct descendants of Genghis Khan. Because power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.