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Everybody Knows That Adrien Brody is A Sex Symbol Right?


So I just finished my first episode of KFC radio. Some dude called in with a question asking what Hollywood actors we thought would play us if a Barstool Movie was ever made. For me the caller suggested Adrien Brody. Well KFC and Big Cat were laughing at me being like “Hahaha you have a huge nose, blah, blah, blah”. How stupid can these morons be? Saying I look like Adrien Brody is an extreme compliment. Like chicks don’t like Adrien Brody. They LOVE him. He’s a certified sex symbol. All the other clowns were getting names like Ben Stiller and Greg Kinnear. Guys with zero sex appeal. Meanwhile I was being compared to one of the great lothario’s of our generation. Newsflash guys. I win. You lose. Sluts love big noses and big dicks. Deal with it.