Reader Email – Here Is “The Move” Gone Horribly Wrong

Reader Email

El Prez-

In regards to the blog about “the move.”  Here it is gone horribly wrong…the only stuffing that followed was her limp body into a car and to Lennox Hill hospital from Mt Snow after a day at the lodge…

See this is what I’m talking about. I love all the idiots who are like “What’s the move?” Chicks don’t really like the move blah, blah, blah. Yeah right. That’s why every smokeshow on my twitter feed instantly said they’d fuck anybody who could do the move on them. The bottom line is people making fun of “the move” are fools of the highest order. Those are the internet lowlifes who talk a big game and have never left their basement. In the real life “the move” works 100% of the time if you can pull it off. It’s just not easy. Sometimes this shit happens. You end up putting a girl in the hospital, but if you want big rewards you need to take big risks.