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It Looks Like KG Had To Be Restrained From Pummeling Carmelo After All.....And Our KG Honey Nut Cheerios Shirts Now On Sale

So after the entire Barstool network crushed KG yesterday for saying he acts tough on the court but is a pussy off of it we get new footage of KG trying to rip Carmello’s tonsils out and needing to be restrained by an army of security guards.  So now let’s see where the score card is.  KG dominated Carmelo on the court, off the court, mentally, physically, emotionally, all day everyday off camera everyway. So who is the pussy now?

And yes this blog was a segway to announce that due to popular demand the KG Honey Nut Cheerio shirts are now on sale.  Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again?


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