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As Cliche As It Is "The Move" Always Works In Real Life Right? (UPDATE - The girl is a former smokeshow)


UPDATEI guess the girl who getting the move performed on her here is a former smoke?    Fucking A man.   What don’t I have my hands in?


So I saw these pictures today of one of the dudes from the Hunger Games and his girlfriend doing “the move” from Dirty Dancing in the ocean. Yeah I know the move is cliché. I know they did it in Crazy, Stupid, Love. But here is something else I also know.“The move” is the single best closer there is. It’s like the old Green Bay Packers Power Sweep. Everybody knows it’s coming and you still can’t stop it. I guarantee no chick has ever had “the move” successfully done on her and not instantly gotten stuffed. Granted I’ve never done it because I’m not strong enough to pull it off, but if I was I’d be doing it every two seconds.  Just snatching up strangers off the street and throwing them into the move.  In fact I think it may be my new goal in life. I’m going to practice doing the move with the First Lady and then use it on the Blackout Tour on groupies. Done and done.

Seriously though this is for all our legions of female stoolies. If a dude does the move on you than you automatically go ATM right?

Vote 1 for I don’t know anything about sluts and 10 for automatic blowjob

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PS – This is the only thing I can think of that comes close to “The Move”