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Does This Look Like the Face of the Next Head Coach of the Patriots?

Oregon LiveThe Cleveland Browns spent seven long hours wooing Chip Kelly… The Philadelphia Eagles came next, invested nine hours… They join a pile of jilted suitors, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from last January… Kelly told me once, “My dream job is always the one I have.” Whether he was at New Hampshire as a position coach, or parking cars as a kid during the summers near the shore, Kelly always said he was happy right where he is… I now suspect he would only trade it for the dream gig of every little kid who grows up in New England — head coach of the Patriots… Kelly visited with the Patriots this offseason. It’s been well-documented. The Patriots now use some of Kelly’s no-huddle terminology and basic concepts. And I wondered as the Browns and Eagles invested their time trying to convince Kelly they had dream jobs for him, if they could ever measure up to what Kelly learned from spending time with Belichick, who has unique control of Robert Kraft’s franchise in the same way Kelly does at Oregon. … [T]o those rooting that Kelly might somehow stay forever at Oregon, we say, just hope Belichick never leaves the Patriots. I think Kelly might take that job after a seven-minute interview.

So THIS is the reason Chip Kelly is staying at Oregon?  Because he’s holding out for the Patriots job?  Not because all the teams that are looking for head coaches are badly run crapfests with lousy ownership and are staring into the abyss of a draft with no franchise quarterbacks to be had anywhere.  But because he’s just waiting for Belichick’s time to be done.  Good move.  Because you just know The Hooded One will decide he’s had enough of all this winning and stockpiling young talent and earning the playoff bye year after year and being given Carte Blanche to do whatever he wants by the best owner in sports.  Or maybe Mr. Kraft will decide he’s sick and tired of success so he’ll fire the man who built his dynasty so he can go with an unknown, unproven commodity because they’ve borrowed a couple of terms from the guy.  Right, Kelly.  The Patriots are your Dream Job?  Keep dreaming.  Because unless you’ve got the life expectancy of a Galapagos tortoise, it’s not happening in this lifetime.  I might as well just say that the reason I’m not having sex with anyone but my Irish Rose is because I’m holding out for AJ McCarron to step down and the Banging Katherine Webb job to open up.  @JerryThornton1