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Man Arrested For Trying To Kill The Ghost Living In His Neighbor's Home

STOCKTON, Calif. — New video shows a California man pouring gallons of diesel on his neighbor’s front porch. He told police he did it because he was trying to get rid of a ghost. A family’s security cameras captured the man pouring diesel and then trying to light the porch on fire. But the fire never fully ignites. A woman and her two young children were sleeping inside the home at the time. The family called police and arrested the man, who lives across the street. “They arrested him,” the homeowner said. “He said that he didn’t have anything against us, that he thought he saw a ghost in our house and to me that’s just even scarier.” Cuong Pham, 38, is charged with arson and attempted murder.

I guess people don’t appreciate good sumeritans anymore. This guy was minding his business until he saw a ghost and he sprung to action. I mean is he supposed to do? This isn’t the movies. The Ghostbusters aren’t real, so who ya gonna call? You go to your garage and get whatever you can to get rid of a ghost. And it’s a ghost. You can’t exactly throw it in a potato sack. Fire is really the most and probably only practical option. So you can charge this guy with a lot of things. Caring too much, trespassing I guess, doing bath salts, but attempted murder and arsen? I can’t abide that. And the audacity of this woman to say that she was more afraid of the guy once she learned that he didn’t have anything against her and her family…excuse me, what? Maybe you should actually focus on the real threat here… the fucking ghost that is living in your house rent free. That’s a bigger risk to a your kids than some guy with a gas can and a lighter. Good luck, lady. You’re in trouble now.