Swiss Newspaper Calls Tyler Seguin A Slob Who Is Not Versed In Using Appliances


The Local – Seguin, top goal getter for the Boston Bruins last season, played for the Biel HC team, scoring 25 goals in just 29 games during the lockout before recently returning to the US. But, the most-read online news website in Switzerland, calls the 20-year-old a “slob” in an article published this week that mentions his brilliant play in passing while focusing more on his sloppy behaviour off the ice.The tabloid newspaper contacted the Putzinstitut Lüpold cleaning company hired to clean the three-and-a-half-room apartment Seguin rented while playing for Biel, one of 12 teams in the Swiss A hockey league.It discovered that staff for the company were confronted with an unsightly mess to clear when the young player headed back to North America during a break in the Swiss hockey season in November. “The parquet floor was littered with coins worth 220 francs,” Blick reported. Coca-cola bottles, garbage and dirty linen lay scattered across the floor, while rotten bananas were left on a table, the newspaper said. The bathroom was a shambles and the cleaning company spent a full day tidying the apartment. In December, when Seguin returned to America, the staff were met with a similar stiff challenge. Blick said the hockey player was “not versed in appliances” and as a result tried to wash his clothes in the dryer.“He also did not know how to operate the dishwasher . . . when he ran out of clean plates, glasses and cutlery, he bought plastic tableware.”“You could tell it was the first time a young, single man had an apartment,” Lüpold told Blick.

This is kind of a cheap shot right? Like what 20 year old dude living in an apartment by himself wouldn’t be a slob?  Hell I’m 35 years old and if the First Lady didn’t live with me I still wouldn’t clean dishes or do laundry for that matter.  I still sometimes get confused between dish soap and dishwasher detergent.  I still have never gotten back a security deposit for any apartment I’ve ever rented in my life.   So how did I survive before getting married? Same way Seguin did. When I’d run out of underwear I’d just go buy new ones and I only used paper plates and shit. Isn’t that what all guys do? My only question is why Seguin didn’t get a maid? That’s the whole point of being rich. In fact it’s the first thing I did once I hit mogul status. Hired some cleaning services to come every week. Absolute no brainer. Next up is a personal chef.