LeBron Has Now Forced His Younger Teammates To Be Addicted To Wine

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.29.31 AM


Listen, this isn’t about sucking up to Dave to stay on his good side heading into the NCAA Tournament. This isn’t about making fun of LeBron because pageviews skyrocket when you blog about LeBron. This isn’t about making fun of the Lakers for falling apart – something I didn’t want to happen. I’d much rather see Celtics fans bitch and moan about the Lakers being good while LeBron is good and the NBA Playoffs become even more entertaining than this.

This is about LeBron’s influence. I may call him the most influential teammate in the history of the game. He’s completely changed every team he’s been a part of. Kevin Love admitted to becoming a role player because of LeBron (and Kyrie). He’s adjusted how teams run offense. Now he’s getting Josh Hart addicted to the vino.

This is how I picture a Josh Hart and LeBron wine taste test going:

At least the Lakers can bond this offseason in Napa. Sheesh.